Wolverine is awaken and back in action again as Logan


I am truly excited to see Wolverine again in action, just saw the trailer of Logan, you can watch it above! Though little old, but still the same aggression, same spirit and the same blades from fist. In Trailer, it is shown that Logan can not heal himself too quick now, his healing powers are slowed now, as well he is little aged. And he need […]

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Google Allo: A New Smart Messenger App by Google


Google Allo is a smart messenger app launched by Google on September 20, 2016, and becoming popular day by day. Already more than 1 Million people has downloaded it and started using it, and more than 90 thousand people has reviewed it as of date 25th September 2016.   Interface & Design: Interface of app Google All is not much different from other messenger apps, […]

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How to keep your kidneys healthy and functioning well


Kidneys are bean-like shaped organs located at the small of the back. We have two kidneys in our body which acts like a filter. They purify the blood in our body and excrete the waste through urine. When kidneys experience dysfunction, the body will become lethargic, loss of appetite, muscle cramps and drowsiness. To keep the kidneys healthy and functioning properly depends on various factors including Diet, Exercise, […]

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Meet the Epic Man Randy Santel who has won over 400 food challenges around the world


The story is about a guy who got only one job on this earth, and it is to go into Food courts and cafes around the world, accept their food challenges and win them. This epic guy is Randy Santel who is only famous and known for accepting and winning the food challenges around the world. Up-to date, Randy Santel has accepted & won over […]

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Know About Royal Enfield Men’s Ultimate Ride in India


  Today every man in young generation love Royal Enfield Bikes. They got a reason to love it, all bikes manufactured by Royal Enfield look stylish, manly and hulk type. They are in production of bikes since 1890, and this is very very old. All Royal Enfield Bikes are handcrafted and that is why they have less models but perfect ones. The Bullet 350 has […]

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10 hairstyles that a girl should try once for sure


If you have long hairs, you got options to play with them. You get to create various styles every day. Although it is strenuous to maintain long hair, it always makes you stand out at any gathering. It’s always feminine and soft. Long hair does not mean braided mane, it can be much more. Checkout some of long hair fishtail braid hairstyles that can inspire […]

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Make a right choice for clothes in summer 2015


When summer arrives,  it brings lots of heat and warmness, with  new trends in fashion. Jackets, Leather Clothes are off in this situation. When it comes to the choice of clothing material, you should go with pure cotton. Its porous nature helps the skin breathe and thus keeps the body cool. It is absolutely natural and hence prevents all kinds of allergies that are otherwise […]

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